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  • LinkManager always has a UDP port open waiting for a vehicle heartbeat
  • LinkManager detects a new known device type (Pixhawk, SiK Radio, PX4 Flow) that makes a UDP connection to the computer
    • LinkManager creates a new SerialLink between the computer and the device
  • Incoming bytes from the Link are sent to MAVLinkProtocol
  • MAVLinkProtocol将字节转换为MAVLink消息
  • 如果消息是HEARTBEAT,则通知MultiVehicleManager(多机管理类)
  • MultiVehicleManager is notified of the HEARTBEAT and creates a new vehicle object based on the information in the HEARTBEAT message
  • The vehicle object instantiates the plugins that matches the vehicle
  • The ParameterLoader associated with the vehicle object sends a PARAM_REQUEST_LIST to the connected device to load parameters using the parameter protocol
  • Once the parameter load is complete, the MissionManager associated with the vehicle object requests the mission items from the connected device using the mission protocol
  • 当参数加载完成后,VehicleComponents对象将在Setup视图中显示其UI