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QGroundControl主要为自动驾驶开发人员提供了许多工具。 这些简化了常见的开发人员任务,包括设置模拟连接以进行测试,以及通过MAVLink访问系统Shell。 These ease common developer tasks including setting up simulated connections for testing, and accessing the System Shell over MAVLink.


Build the source in debug mode to enable these tools.


  • 模拟链接(仅限每日构建) - 创建和停止多个模拟载具链接。
  • Replay Flight Data - Replay a telemetry log (User Guide).
  • MAVLink Inspector - Display received MAVLink messages/values and plot trends.
  • MAVLink Console (PX4 Only) - Connect to the PX4 nsh shell and send commands.