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QGroundControl 轻松入门上手使用:

  1. 下载并安装 应用程序.
  2. 启动_QGroundControl_。
  3. Attach your vehicle to the ground station device via USB, through a telemetry radio, or over WiFi. QGroundControl should detect your vehicle and connect to it automatically.

That's it! 就这么简单! 如果设备准备飞行(无人机是飞,其它设备是运行),_QGroundControl_应显示如下Fly View (否则将打开Setup View)。


  • 使用工具栏在主视图之间切换:
    • Settings:配置 QGroundControl 应用程序。
    • Setup:配置和调试你的设备。
    • Plan:创建自主自动执行的任务
    • Fly:在飞行时监测您的车辆,包括视频流。
    • [Analyze] ** Description of Analyze view is missing **
  • 点击工具栏上的_Status 图标_来确认已连接设备的状态。

While the UI is fairly intuitive, this documentation can also be referenced to find out more.


Make sure QGC has an internet connection when you connect a new vehicle. This will allow it to get the latest parameter and other metadata for the vehicle, along with translations.