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如果要构建,修改或扩展QGroundControl(QGC),此开发人员指南是获取信息的最佳来源。 它展示了如何获取和构建源代码,解释了QGC的工作原理,并提供了为项目贡献代码的指南。 It shows how to obtain and build the source code, explains how QGC works, and provides guidelines for contributing code to the project.


This part of the guide is for developers!


This is an active work in progress - information should be correct, but may not be complete! If you find that it is missing helpful information (or errors) please raise an issue.


QGC 的设计是为了提供一个能够跨越多个操作系统平台以及多种设备的单个代码库。

QGC 用户界面使用Qt QML实现。 QML提供硬件加速,这是平板电脑或手机等低功率设备的关键功能。 QML还提供了一些功能,使我们能够更轻松地创建单个用户界面,以适应不同的屏幕尺寸和分辨率。 QML provides for hardware acceleration which is a key feature on lower powered devices such as tablets or phones. QML also provides features which allows us to more easily create a single user interface which can adapt itself to differing screen sizes and resolution.

与基于桌面鼠标的UI相比,QGC UI更倾向于平板电脑+触摸式UI。 这使得单个UI更容易创建,因为平板电脑样式UI也可以在台式机/笔记本电脑上正常工作。 This make a single UI easier to create since tablet style UI also tends to work fine on desktop/laptops.


Development questions can be raised in the QGroundControl Developer discuss category.




We expect all contributors to adhere to the QGroundControl code of conduct. This code aims to foster an open and welcoming environment.

Coordination Call

The developer team meets bi-weekly to discuss the highest priority issues, project coordination, and discuss any Issues, PRs, or Questions from the Community. (Developer Call Details)


We use Crowdin to make it easier to manage translation for both QGroundControl and the documentation.

The translation projects (and join links) are listed below:

The PX4 Developer Guide contains additional information about the (common) docs/translation toolchain:


QGroundControl source code is dual-licensed under Apache 2.0 and GPLv3. For more information see: Licenses.


The QGroundControl mission planner is hosted under the governance of the Dronecode Project.

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