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QGroundControl Quick Start

Getting QGroundControl up and running is quick and easy:

  1. Download and install the application.
  2. Start QGroundControl.
  3. Attach your vehicle to the ground station device via USB, through a telemetry radio, or over WiFi. QGroundControl should detect your vehicle and connect to it automatically.

That's it! If the vehicle is ready to fly, QGroundControl should display Fly View as shown below (otherwise it will open Setup View).

A good way to become familiar with QGroundControl is to start experimenting:

  • Use the toolbar to switch between the main views:
    • Settings: Configure the QGroundControl application.
    • Setup: Configure and tune your vehicle.
    • Plan: Create autonomous missions.
    • Fly: Monitor your vehicle(s) while flying, including streaming video.
    • 3D View: A 3D visualization and monitoring of the vehicle, the 3D map of the environment, and the mission while flying.
    • [Analyze] ** Description of Analyze view is missing **
  • Click the Status icons on the toolbar to find out the status of the connected vehicle.

While the UI is fairly intuitive, this documentation can also be referenced to find out more.


Make sure QGC has an internet connection when you connect a new vehicle. This will allow it to get the latest parameter and other metadata for the vehicle, along with translations.