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Fact System

The Fact System provides a set of capabilities which standardizes and simplifies the creation of the QGC user interface.


A Fact represents a single value within the system.


There is FactMetaData associated with each fact. It provides details on the Fact in order to drive automatic user interface generation and validation.

Fact Controls

A Fact Control is a QML user interface control which connects to a Fact and it's FactMetaData to provide a control to the user to modify/display the value associated with the Fact.


A Fact Group is a group of Facts. It is used to organise facts and manage user defined facts.

Custom Build Support

User defined facts can be added by overriding factGroups function of FirmwarePlugin in a custom firmware plugin class. These functions return a name to fact group map that is used to identify added fact groups. A custom fact group can be added by extending FactGroup class. FactMetaDatas could be defined using the appopriate FactGroup constructor by providing a json file containing necessery information.

Changing the metadata of existing facts is also possible by overriding adjustMetaData of FirmwarePlugin class.

A fact associated with a vehicle (including facts belonging to fact groups returned in factGroups function of the vehicles Firmware plugin) can be reached using getFact("factName") or getFact("factGroupName.factName")

For additional information please refer to comments in FirmwarePlugin.h.