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Daily Builds

Daily Builds of QGroundControl have the absolute latest set of new features.


Daily Builds are less tested than stable builds. Use at your own risk!

These can be downloaded from the links below (install as described in Download and Install):

  • Windows

  • OS X


    QGroundControl continues to not be signed which causes problem on Catalina. To open QGC app for the first time:

    • Right-click the QGC app icon, select Open from the menu. You will only be presented with an option to Cancel. Select Cancel.
    • Right-click the QGC app icon again, Open from the menu. This time you will be presented with the option to Open.
  • Linux

  • Android - Google Play: Listed as QGroundControl (Daily Test Build).

  • iOS currently unavailable


The QGroundControl Continous Delivery pipeline from time to time might experience issues uploading to the Google Play store. You can find the daily build APK for Android devices for direct download here: QGroundControl32.apk, and QGroundControl64.apk