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Main Toolbar

The main toolbar provides access to select the different application views, and high level status information for connected vehicles. The toolbar is the same in all views except for "PlanView" (which has a single icon to take you back to "Fly" view).

View-select icons

The following icons are used to switch between the main Views. These are displayed even if no vehicle is connected.

Settings view icon Settings
Configure the QGroundControl application.

Setup view icon Setup
Configure and tune your vehicle.

Plan view icon Plan
Create autonomous missions.

Fly icon Fly
Monitor your vehicle(s) while flying, including streaming video.

3D View icon 3D View
3D Visualization and monitoring of the vehicle and the environment while flying.

Analyze icon Analyze
Download logs, geotag images from a survey mission, access the MAVLink console.

Status icons

Status icons are displayed when QGroundControl is connected to a vehicle. These show the high level status of the vehicle, and can be clicked to see more detailed information.

yield Vehicle Messages
Click to show a list of messages from the vehicle. Note that version on the right is displayed when there are critical messages.

GPS Status
Shows you satellite count and curent HDOP.

RC signal strength information.

Telemetry RSSI
Telemetry signals strength information.

Remaining battery percent.

Flight Mode
Current flight mode. Click to change flight mode.

RTK GPS Survey-In Status
Shows you progress of RTK GPS Survey-In process.