Plan View

The Plan View is used to plan autonomous missions for your vehicle, and upload them to the vehicle. Once the mission is planned and sent to the vehicle, you switch to the Fly View to fly the mission.

It is also use to configure the GeoFence and Rally Points if these are supported by the firmware.

Plan View

UI Overview

The screenshot above shows a simple mission plan that starts with a takeoff at the Planned Home position (H), flies through three waypoints, and then lands on the last waypoint (i.e. waypoint 3).

The main elements of the UI are:

  • Map: Displays the numbered indicators for the current mission, including the Planned Home. Click on the indicators to select them (for editing) or drag them around to reposition them.
  • Main Toolbar: Status information for the currently selected waypoint relative to the previous waypoint, as well as statistics for the entire mission (e.g. horizontal distance and time for mission). Max telem dist is the distance between the Planned Home and the furthest waypoint. This also has a button for uploading missions to the vehicle.
  • Plan Tools: Used to create and manage missions.
  • Mission Command List/Overlay: Displays the current list of mission items (select items to edit).
  • Terrain Altitude Overlay: Shows the relative altitude of each mission command.

Planning a Mission

At very high level, the steps to create a mission are:

  1. Change to Plan View.
  2. Add waypoints or commands to the mission and edit as needed.
  3. Upload the mission to the vehicle.
  4. Change to Fly View and fly the mission.

The following sections explain some of the details in the view.

Planned Home Position

The Planned Home shown in Plan View is used to set the approximate start point when planning a mission (i.e. when a vehicle may not even be connected to a vehicle). It is used by QGC to estimate mission times and to draw waypoint lines.

Planned Home Position

You should move/drag the planned home position to roughly the location where you plan to takeoff. The altitude for the planned home position is set in the Mission Start panel.

The Fly View displays the actual home position set by the vehicle firmware when it arms (this where the vehicle will return in Return/RTL mode).

Plan Tools

The plan tools are used for adding individual waypoints, easing mission creation for complicated geometries, uploading/downloading/saving/restoring missions, and for navigating the map. The main tools are described below.

Center map, Zoom In, Zoom Out tools help users better view and navigate the Plan view map (they don't affect the mission commands sent to the vehicle).

Add Waypoints

Click on the Add Waypoint tool to activate it. While active, clicking on the map will add new mission waypoint at the clicked location. The tool will stay active until you select it again. Once you have added a waypoint, you can select it and drag it around to change its position.


The Sync tools are used to move missions between the ground station and vehicle, and to save/restore them from files. The tool displays an ! to indicate that there are mission changes that you have not sent to the vehicle.

Before you fly a mission you must upload it to the vehicle.

The Sync tools provides the following functionality:

  • Upload (Send to vehicle)
  • Download (Load from vehicle)
  • Save to File
  • Load from File
  • Remove All (removes all mission waypoints from Plan view and from vehicle)


The Pattern tool simplifies the creation of missions for flying complex geometries, including surveys and structure scans.

Mission Command List

Mission commands for the current mission are listed on the right side of the view. You can select individual items to edit their values. Above are a set of options to switch between editing the mission, GeoFence and rally points.

Mission Command List

Mission Command Editors

Click on a mission command in the list to display its editor (in which you can set/change the command attributes).

You can change the type of the command by clicking on the command name (for example: "Waypoint"). This will display the Select Mission Command dialog shown below. To the right of each command name is a menu that you can click to access to additional options such as Insert and Delete.

The list of commands displayed in the dialog can be filtered by category. For example, to see all commands, choose All commands from Category drop down menu.

The list of available commands will depend on firmware and vehicle type. Examples may include: Waypoint, Start image capture, Jump to item (to repeat mission) and other commands.

Mission Start

The Mission Start panel is the first item that appears in the mission command list. It contains a number of default settings that may affect the start or end of the mission.

  • Waypoint alt:
    • Sets the default altitude for the first item added to a plan (subsequent items take an initial altitude from the previous item).
    • This can also be used to change the altitude of all items in a plan to the same value (you will be prompted if you change the value when there are items in a plan).
  • Flight Speed: Same as for Waypoint alt but affecting flight speed at each waypoint.
  • Return to Launch: Select checkbox to make the vehicle return to launch at the end of the mission.
  • Planned Home Position:

Further Info

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