Console Logging

The Console can be helpful tool for diagnosing QGroundControl problems. It can be found in SettingsView > Console.

Console logging

Click the Set Logging button to enable/disable logging information displayed by QGroundControl.

Common Logging Options

The most commmonly used logging options are listed below.

Option(s) Description
LinkManagerLog, MultiVehicleManagerLog Debug connection problems.
LinkManagerVerboseLog Debug serial ports not being detected. Very noisy continuous output of available serial ports.
FirmwareUpgradeLog Debug firmware flash issues.
ParameterManagerLog Debug parameter load problems.
ParameterManagerDebugCacheFailureLog Debug parameter cache crc misses.
PlanManagerLog, MissionManagerLog, GeoFenceManagerLog, RallyPointManagerLog Debug Plan upload/download issues.
RadioComponentControllerLog Debug Radio calibration issues.

Logging from the Command Line

An alternate mechanism for logging is using the --logging command line option. This is handy if you are trying to get logs from a situation where QGroundControl crashes.

How you do this and where the traces are output vary by OS:

  • Windows

    • You must open a command prompt, change directory to the qgroundcontrol.exe location, and run it from there:

      cd "\Program Files (x86)\qgroundcontrol"
      qgroundcontrol --logging:full
    • When QGroundControl starts you should see a separate console window open which will have the log output

  • OSX

    • You must run QGroundControl from Terminal. The Terminal app is located in Applications/Utilities. Once Terminal is open paste the following into it:

      cd /Applications/
      ./qgroundcontrol --logging:full
    • Log traces will output to the Terminal window.

  • Linux

    • bash ./ --logging:full

    • Log traces will output to the shell you are running from.

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