Tuning (PX4)

Basic Tuning (Multicoper, Fixed Wing, VTOL)

Adjust the specified flight characteristic by moving the slider(s) to the left or right.

PX4 Tuning - Basic

Advanced Tuning (MultiCopter)

To access advanced tuning, select the Advanced checkbox.

PX4 Tuning - Advanced (Copter)

To use advanced tuning:

  1. First select the Tuning axis to tune: Rol, Pitch or Yaw (each axis is tuned separately).
  2. Fly the vehicle, observing the tracking on the chart.
    • Adjust the Tuning Values (parameters) to improve the tracking shown on the graph
    • Set the Increment/Decrement % to a larger/smaller value for coarse/fine tuning
    • Press the Save Values button if a change improves tracking. > Tip At any point you can press Reset To Saved Values to restore the last saved good state.
    • You can also Clear/Stop the chart using the buttons provided.
  3. Tune the other axes.

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