Motor Setup

Motor Setup is used to test individual motors/servos (for example, to verify that motors spin in the correct direction).

These instructions apply to PX4 and to most vehicle types on ArduPilot. Vehicle-specific instructions are provided as sub-topics (e.g. Motors Setup (ArduSub)).

Motors Test

Test Steps

To test the motors:

  1. Remove all propellers. > Warning You must remove props before activating the motors!
  2. (PX4-only) Enable safety switch - if used.
  3. Slide the switch to enable motor sliders (labeled: Propellers are removed - Enable motor sliders).
  4. Adjust the individual sliders to spin the motors and confirm they spin in the correct direction. > Note The motors only spin after you release the slider and will automatically stop spinning after 3 seconds.

Additional Information

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