Daily Build Major Changes

This topic contains a high level and non-exhaustive list of new features added to QGroundControl since the last stable release. These features are available in daily builds. There is also a Change Log available for viewing.

  • Pattern Presets - Allows you to save settings for a Pattern item (Survey, Corridor Scan, ...) into a named preset. You can then use this preset over and over again as you create new Pattern.
  • ArduPilot:
    • Copter - PID Tuning support PID Tuning JPG
    • Copter - Additional Basic Tuning options Basic Tuning JPG
    • Copter/Rover - Frame setup ui Setup Frame Copter JPG
    • Improved support for flashing ChibiOS firmware
    • Improved support for connecting to ChibiOS bootloader boards
    • Support configurable mavlink stream rates. Available from Settings/Mavlink page. Stream Rates JPG
  • Automatically add a Video Overlay with flight data as a subtitle for locally-recorded videos Overlay in action
  • Optional CSV Logging of telemetry data for improved accessibility.

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