Replay Flight Data

This feature is intended primarily for autopilot developers/vehicle creators. It is only supported on desktop builds (Windows, Linux, Mac OS).

The Replay Flight Data features allows users to replay a telemetry log, enabling review of past or problematic flights. The flight can be started, paused, stopped, restarted etc.

QGroundControl treats flight replay like an active connection. When you pause/stop playing, the ground station will report "Communication Lost" and wait for disconnection or for more messages.

To replay a flight:

  1. Disconnect any active connections.
  2. Select File | Replay Flight Data to toggle the flight replay bar visibility.

    Toggle Flight Replay

  3. Select the Replay Flight Data button in the bar to display a file selection dialog. Choose a log file to replay from the available telemetry logs.

    Flight Replay bar

    QGroundControl will immediately start playing the log.

  4. Use the pause/reset button to control playing. When paused you can move the slider to a new position in the log.

  5. You can pause the flight and select Disconnect to stop replay. At this point you can select an alternative log to replay.

You can inspect the running replay in more detail using the MAVLink Inspector or MAVLink Analyzer (Analyze).

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