MAVLink Inspector Widget

This feature is intended primarily for autopilot developers/vehicle creators. It is only supported on desktop builds (Windows, Linux, Mac OS).

The MAVLink Inspector widget provides information about MAVLink traffic received by QGroundControl. For every vehicle it lists all received messages (including their update frequency and command number). You can drill down into any vehicle message to see the content of the last received message.

To use the MAVLink Inspector:

  1. Select Widgets | MAVLink Inspector on any screen.

    MAVLink inspector menu

    The widget will open displaying all vehicles (for which messages have been received).

    MAVLink inspector vehicle

  2. Expand the vehicle toggle to see its messages.

    MAVLink inspector

  3. Expand a message to see its latest (dynamically updating) value:

    MAVLink inspector

  4. You can reset the view by pressing the Clear button. The widget will repopulate from new messages.

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